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Zora: Talia is a Spirit and She Does Not Exist. Boaz Has Been Living With a Spirit

Talia is a twin sister to Alma the late wife of Kwame and Loretta saw her when she went to Boaz and thought it is Alma. Boaz did not want anyone to know that Talia is there because she resembles Alma so much and therefore he took her to hide somewhere. Kwame Loreta and Madiba came and they did not find her.

When Boaz when to inform her daughter Talia that Kwame was there Talia yd her that indeed Alma is alive and Kwame and Loreta are not mad when they said that they saw Alma. Her father was a bit confused but she took her I'm to show him Where Alma is so that he can believe. He was taken to a certain place and he was told Alma is sleeping here.

Boaz was confused because that was not the place Alma was buried in. Talia told him that "Amelala hapa na aliletwa na Alma" Talia told him that you have only one child and that's Alma and Talia does not exist. That's why She didn't want her father to revenge but she wanted to do it herself because she is a spirit.

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