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What Traits Should I Look For In A Man

1. Must be a man of integrity - He must be a man of his word. A man of integrity is honest and respectful. You can easily determine this if he keeps giving you his word that he will do something and then doesn't do it. Though there are times when circumstances will prevent him from holding to his word, this should not always be the case. Also, you must focus on how consistent the things he says to you, where you must strongly assess it, to see how honest he truly is.

2. He must be considerate - His actions towards you should show that he cares about how you feel. A simple gesture like being late and calling beforehand or apologizing for being late, are indications of a considerate guy.

3. Does he have goals - It is good to find an ambitious man, one who is constantly seeking to better himself. The last thing you would need is a man who doesn't care about where he wants to get in life and takes everything the way it comes.

4. Respectful - How does he treat you around others, especially his friends? A respectful guy will treat you like the queen that you are, regardless of who is around. Also, he will not say things that might hurt your feelings or make you feel worthless.

5. Confident yet Humble - Now every woman likes a confident guy, but not a guy who is arrogant, and is only concerned about himself. Therefore you must always look for a confident yet humble man.

6. Supportive - It's always good to have someone in your corner for those days when you are feeling down. It is therefore good to have a guy who believes in you and wants to see you succeed.

7. Assertive - It is good to have a man that is not afraid to make decisions and is also highly self-motivated at times. No one wants a 'wimp' or someone who is not sure about what he wants in life. So check properly to make sure you are dating a leader, someone who can take charge of his life and pursue his dreams.

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