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Forget About Using Round Timber Poles For Fencing And Use This Best Poles To Get A Durable Fence.

Fences are very important to humans. They help in preventing intruders into your home, farm and company. In addition, fences also improves security in your premises.

Many people use round timber poles for fencing purposes. Timber poles are not good for fencing and individuals are encouraged to use concrete poles for fencing due to the following reasons.

1. Concrete poles are very resistant to termites infestation and fire. When there is outbreak of fire concrete poles don't perish fully as compared to round timber poles.

2. Concrete poles are not affected by dampness. Round timber poles on the other hand are affected by water. Wood is prone to rotting in presence of moisture thus it is important to fence your farm in a swampy land using concrete poles.

3. Concrete poles are very strong once erected, have good binding ability with mortor. Timber poles are easy to pull out after erection thus a fence made up of timber poles can be easily deformed by animals in your farm.

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