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What Ladies Should Do When It Comes To Personal Hygiene

Hygiene refers to the personal cleanliness that applies to every individual. When a person is clean he or she feels fresh all the time. Cleanliness is good because as the Proverb goes, ' cleanliness is next to Godliness. 'This proverb encourages us that our hygiene draws us near to God.

In this section I will discuss some of the things that ladies should do in order to keep clean. Ladies we need to check these out.


When you are a lady, a day should nit end before washing your body. Sometimes it is good to even bath twice or thrice a day. Some will be asking many questions as to the frequent bathing. Our bodies keep on releasing water inform of sweat. So in most cases when we taste the water, it tastes salty. This is due to the chemical reaction that takes place I'm the body.

Also ladies should note that whenever they are bathing, they should not use some detergents for cleaning their private parts as the detergents contain acidic chemicals that when it gets into contact with the area, it causes some effects like itchiness. It may also spread infections.

In fact scientists say the best way to wash the area is just by using pure water and nothing else. The place contain self cleaning agents that will help it to clean itself.


When I talk of shaving, it does not necessary means hairs on the head. This refers to the shaving of the hair on the armpit and the pubic hairs. It is embarrassing when a lady is with her friends and can't raise her hands due to the unshaved armpit hairs. The the hairs should be shaved whenever they start to grow. Sometimes when you are not used to the shaving items like 'bic razors'_you can use certain oils that will make the hairs to disappear.

When it comes to the hair in the pubic areas, they should also be kept short especially during the monthly periods of a lady. A lady will be more comfortable during this time when the private part is shaved.

Wiping the private areas

As a lady you should not lack tissue or any wiping item with you. Why am I saying this, imagine going to the toilet just for a short call then you come out without wiping yourself? There will be some problems to encounter. For instance there will be urine droplets that will drop on your pant. By the end of the day you will be smelling urine. The other thing with time you will notice that your pant changing its color. You will be wondering the cause yet it's due to urine that has constantly dropped on the pants.

Wiping should also be done from front to back and not vice versa so that incase of any infection it will not land. On your vagina and cause further infections.

When sleeping.

When sleeping ladies should avoid wearing any tight clothes with them. Intact if it is possible they should sleep without any clothing with them. If at all it's impossible then ladies should not sleep with any bra and underpants because such cloths are tight on their bodies hence preventing smooth flow of blood whenever they are sleeping. The private parts also needs fresh air hence the need to sleep without under pants.

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