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5 Types Of Foods You Should Never Store In The Fridge, It Might Kill You Slowly

A refrigerator is the best home appliance that most people like since it helps to store food for long and remain fresh for long. It also cools food like drinks and others. You like puttu g everything in the fridge but do you know that not everything is supposed to be stored in the fridge.

However, their are some types of food you should never store in the refrigerator since it might be killing you slowly or may cause more harm to your body.

Here are the types of food you should not put in the fridge.

Nuts are not supposed to be stored in the refrigerator. Even though lower temperatures may help preserve the natural oils in the nuts, but the cold also has the tendency to impair with the flavour.

It's rather advisable to store nuts in a cool place in an air tight container if you are using it sooner and avoid storing in warm areas. But if you don't use them the sooner and you want the nuts to stay for a month or so then you can place then in the freezer which is preferable to a refrigerator.

Never put your honey in the fridge. It very harmful to put honey in the refrigerator since the low temperatures makes the honey to crystallize and solidify it. When consuming the raw honey might be harmful.

Onions should never be kept in the fridge instead store them in a cool, dry and drk place. Onions are rich in starch so when stored in the fridge they my become damp and soggy and will eventually spoil if left for a long time. Meanwhile after cutting your onion you should put it in a fridge sealed in a container.

Do not store any oils in the fridge since they may become grainy and cloudy, instead store them in room temperature.

Water melon should not be kept in the fridge if whole it should be kept in room temperature. But if they are cut they should be kept covered in the fridge to remain fresh.

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It Might Kill You Slowly The Fridge


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