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Make you Own Simplified Refrigerator At Home That Does Not Depend In Electricity

Many people in Kenya can not afford the refrigerators that are usually bought in shops since they are expensive. Therefore, there are other ways that some people have invented in order to keep their perishable products fresh.

What you require is to have atleast some black charcoal with you. The charcoal is the main component of this kind of refrigerator. The manufactured generators usually performs its task through heating and cooling through a series of processes that occur within the different components of the refrigerator.[ Photo Courtesy]

The charcoal made refrigerator will require that you sandwich charcoal between the double wire mesh that you will make according to the size you want. Make sure that the size of the charcoal refrigerator is always in the shape that you want by yourself.[Photo Courtesy]

What follows is that you make the floor and roof using special materials. For instance the roof you can use soft boards while the roof you can use grass.

Ensure that you use big sized charcoal and not the powdered ones to prevent it from contaminating your food. Remember to add water on the charcoal to facilitate cooling through evaporation. The process of adding water should continuasly to avoid further damage on your food or produce.[Photo Courtesy]

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