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Driving or Building a Home, Which One Should Come First?

Currently and even in the past, there have been debates on which property should come first mainly between a car and a house in town, in the village or a rental. Many celebrities have been criticised of prioritising cars and urban life at the expense of building a home or just a house back in the village. The big question is, what is it that should determine whether one should prioritise any of these clashing properties?

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Having a home is a dream for everyone, especially if you have a family. In that if anything happens to you, for instance death, your family would have a place to call home and to spend the rest of their lives in. A home is doubtlessly one of the most important properties in a life time. This is not just what I believe but many people do. In most African settings, a home is believed to the most important and foremost property that a successful person should consider. In fact anyone that purchases a car before buying or building a home or even bring up rentals suffers critics from almost all community angles.

Having a car first could equally be important, besides the fact that different individuals have different priorities, we must also consider situational factors that may push a person to prioritize a car over a home. If the car is going to work as a source of income then there is no need delaying, get the car and ignore all judgements. The debate on a house or a car is majorly a stereotype, people are judgemental of everything. But there are also very important points to consider before considering a car over a home.

The first one is parmanency, and the second one is cost of maintenance. While a home would last longer, not unless it's built on an illegal land or by poor architects, a car wouldn't match the parmanency of a home. Additionally, while a home would only require repair at at undefined intervals, a car would demand regular maintenance and additives such as fuel and insurance policies.

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As I had mentioned earlier, everyone has priorities, which to some extent are also shaped by circumstances. At times, buying a car could be cheaper than building a house, but then there is a another issue, what are buying the car for? For luxury or commercial purposes. This is a debate that is never ending anytime soon and alway erupts when a rich or famous individual's body is taken to the village for burial only for people to realise he owned no house in the village while they drove posh cars in town.

What's your thought? Should a car or a home Come first?

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