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How To Forge Discipline And Crush The Lies Holding You Back


First, you need to understand what drives you. This is your fuel and your foundation. No matter how tough life gets, your purpose will keep you steady. Your purpose is the voice that will drown out your doubts and naysayers.

How to find your purpose?

Ask yourself these questions and see where they intersect. That’s your purpose.


To become more disciplined requires you to work on a goal:

• Become financially independent by age 45

• Start your own digital business

• Lose 25lbs in 3 months

• Run a marathon

Whatever it is, it should scare you. Why?Because you aren’t going to forge discipline in your comfort zone. Use the pursuit of becoming more disciplined to shatter your Self-limiting beliefs.

You are not too old.

You are not too weak.

You are where you need to be.

Now become obsessed with reaching your goal.


Next write down what you need to do to reach your goal.

• Up your investment game from 5 to 20% income

• Build your Twitter profile to attract fans

• Drop all sugar from your diet

• Go running 5 days a week

That’s your roadmap.


You become who you want to be through daily habits.

• Only purchase new things one day a week

• Tweet 3 times a day + comment

• Choose olives over cookies

• Lace up your shoes

Start small, build up over time. Creating systems and habits to overcome fleeting motivation is the bedrock of your new disciplined self.


Don’t rely on willpower. Don’t rely on other people. Eliminate everything and everyone holding you back. Becoming disciplined and a better version of yourself won’t be easy. But you have your purpose dialled in, you know it is worth it in the end.


You know your purpose. You know what actions to take. But knowing all this won’t get you anywhere. Knowing won’t forge discipline. Only executing will.


Once you get going, build in a daily review of your progress. Review your habits, goals, and purpose. This will keep you on target.

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