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How to make everyone like you easily

1. Smile at them.

Smiling is a sense of acknowledging someone and valuing them. When you smile at people without even saying a word, you are connecting with them emotionally. A smile will make a positive day for people.

2. Be honest.

Be sincere to yourself and be honest with everybody. Honest is very expensive, it is not common these days as the world has become so corrupt, so if you are one, people will like you for it.

3. Compliment people genuinely.

Shower praises unto them that deserve it. Pay compliments to people for their achievements and success. These compliments have to be real and lovely, they will feel it within themselves that they are acknowledged for doing something good.

4. Pay attention to people.

Do not divert the attention to be on you alone all the time. You do not know all because someone might have a better side of the story than you do. Pause a bit and pay attention to people, listen to them while they talk.

5. Be hygienic and take care of yourself.

Take good care of yourself always. Shave when necessary, take care of your teeth, these are what people see when you laugh. See whether you have bad breath and take care of it.

6. Be affectionate.

Try to understand what people are passing through. If you have any solution, give them. Do not make yourself unconcerned about people’s predicaments. Offer help to people if you can even if you do not know them.

7. Talk to people softly and treat them well.

The ways we communicate tell a lot about us. Your tone, your choice of words matters a lot. Speak gently, your words should be good to listen to, your speeches should show a higher level of maturity. Treat people well, known and the unknown, life is full of surprises. That is how you will get people to like you.

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