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10 Things To Do Each Sunday In 2022 That Will Ensure Every Week Is A 10-Star Week

Sunday focus day can save you hours, give you clarity and set you up for success. Do these 10 super simple but important activities every week to make life much easier.

1.Review last week.

Review what you did last week. Ask,What went well, what went wrong? This is important for productivity and personal progress. Learning from your experiences is the fastest way to improve. Doing this help will help you get more focused and organized.

2.Set 2-3 BIG goals for the week.

You probably have a few BIG goals for the year and the next 90 days; of course, you do. To get to those BIG goals, you need to do a few BIG things a week that moves you closer to them. This is crucial if you want to get things done in life.

3.Plan your smaller tasks.

You should make a list of the smaller things you do and plan which days to do them. Often these are repetitive tasks you do weekly, things that don't take super long to do. Don't be crazy with this list; you should end up with 2/3 to do each day.

4. Do little things to catch up.

Getting up early on a Sunday and getting some chores done is a great way to catch up on any smaller things you missed during the week. This will free mental space for the coming week; helping you wake up on Monday with nothing slowing you down.

5. Schedule your life.

Sunday is a great time to see what appointments you have for the week ahead and schedule them into your calendar. This way, there are no unexpected surprises; you don’t miss out on events, phone calls, meetings, or anything you agreed to attend.

6.Go food shopping.

You should buy and prepare your food for the next week on Sunday. Plan what you want to eat and make it easy for you to stay in a high energy mode by having good foods available. When you buy your food in bulk you also tend to save money, which is a bonus.

7. Plan in your family/fun time.

Don't get sucked into thinking you have to work 12 hr days and ignore your family or your own relaxation time. Plan in time daily to look after yourself and spend time with loved ones. This is a great way to boost your focus and productivity.

8.Schedule your workouts.

Open up your calendar and write in what workouts you will be doing each day. E.g,Gym on Monday, long walk on Tuesday,Gym on Wednesday etc. Whatever that is for, you have at least 30 minutes to an hour of exercise scheduled for each day.

9.Kick back and relax on a Sunday.

80% of your Sunday should be spent relaxing. The list of 8 other things you have just read can take less than 2 hours to do, don't read a list and think it will all take all day. It won't. Get it done and get on having fun and relaxing today.

10.Go to bed at the right time.

Want to wake up on Monday feeling fresh and ready to win the week ahead? Then don't spend Sunday night staying up late; also, don't do that on Friday or Saturday. You should aim to be in bed and up around the same time every day.

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