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Scientists Reveal What the Shape of Your Lips Says About You

Large puffy lips

You have an innate and strong maternal instinct and a desire to safeguard and protect others also, in any difficult situation, you put others before yourself. Such people actually make the best parents because they are full of love and caring. It is possible that during your child hood, you spend some time taking care of animals and pets in your home

The upper lip is larger than the lower one

Such people draw attention to themselves; they are emotional and love life. Also they can be so dramatic and possess the ability to draw others to them. The funniest jokes often come from people with such lips

The lower lip is larger than the upper one

Such people are very good in enjoying themselves; they love those energetic events or environment, new places to visit and new impressions. They are those kinds of people who can lead others to a new style of adventure.

Ordinary lips

Such people's strength lies in the ability to listen and understand others; they do not take criticism seriously and treat other people's opinion with respect. They are one of the most enjoyable people to have around because they love to laugh and joke

Thin lips

Such people always enjoy their own company, they are self reliant and they can cope with any problem. They do not need a company when they are going to have fun or visit a place. This doesn't mean that they cannot mingle with other people; in fact, they feel just fine even in a group of people.

An upper lip with a sharp philtrum

Such people are likely to end up being talented artists or musicians. They have good memories when it comes to recalling people they met earlier and even the names. They are also very social and almost always achieve good results in their work

Upper lip without a philtrum

These are those individuals who can be relied on and the love helping their loved ones. They do not know the meaning of 'impossible' or deadline because they do everything on time and accordingly. They're they kind of people who simply turn up and solve every outstanding problem in one go.

Small puffy lips

If you meet such a person, at first you may think he or she is selfish but this is not the case. They are the kind of people who will show up when needed and give whatever help is required. Their main priority in life is their own feelings of comfort, if they do not take care of themselves; they know no one else will.

What kind of a person are you?

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