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How to achieve your Dreams

Us we grow up,everyone wishes to be a great person. When we are still young people we want to have everything good. Not knowing what it takes to achieve them.We want to be great and respected people in the society.All good tittle names such as doctor, engineer or teacher and good houses,cars is what we opt to have, a lot of money not left behind.All these are Everybody dream.

But surprise comes when we may end up not achieving these things we want. We may struggle hard to get them but all end up in vain .All these happening can make u to lose hope in life and think that u are a failure. Your dreams may die but...

Today l want to give you the solution to achieve your Dreams. First u must understand that every successful person or a winner once a time he/she was a failure.From theirfailures they learnt.So u can achieve your dreams of your choice no matter the situation u pass through.

Do the following to achieve your Dreams:

1.Work hard on your books. 2.Work on your time. Always be time observer in what ever you do. 3 .Be ready to learn from your past failures. 4. Always be eager to relate and learn from successful people . 5. Accept corrections to learn new skills and concept.

6. Don't wish, work smart to achieve it. 7. Don't give chance to things that hurts u about your plans of your dream. 8. Don't give up in what you have started good. 9. Be you. Let no one control your choice of dream. 10. Always pray before everything you do.

@ By. Chris Wagoz.(C. W).

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