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Reason Why Keyboards Are Not Arranged In Alphabetical Order But Are In Qwerty Order

This was the first alphabetical keyboard.

Have you ever found yourself wondering why keyboard letters are arranged the way they are? Actually everything that a manufacturer makes has a use.

In this modern society, many people always enjoy using tools and machines without even bothering to find out the use of every single feature that they see in a machine or in a tool. Nowadays typing has become an every day activity for many people because machine are needed almost everywhere to make work easier.

This is the modern qwerty keyboard.

For those who likes typing , the keyboard which you always use are written in qwerty arrangements instead of alphabetical arrangements, I think that it would have made some sense if they are written in alphabetical order because many people have mastered the alphabets since their childhood until now.

The reason why keyboards are written in qwerty arrangements is because long time ago the person who invented the first keyboard, made it mechanically, meaning that the components that were used to make it were metal arm and some wires.

At first people used to type by using keyboards which were arranged in alphabetical order and they could type really fast because it was very simple to identify the characters, letters, symbols and numbers in the keyboard.

They were much exposed to this method, the greatest disadvantage was that in the process of typing too fast, the key arms and the wires that were used to make the keyboard would end up getting criss-crossed and stacking.

You can now imagine how horrible the experience was when you are using the keyboard and all over sudden you get hit by an instant breakdown, all of your work disappearing and then you will be forced to restart the typing again.

The manufacturers of the keyboard had to randomize the order of keys so that they could slow down the speed of the typist intentionally, this kept the keyboard machine running without breakdown


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