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8 Natural Foods And Fruits That Will Increase Your Stamina And Performance On Bed

These natural foods below will increase your stamina on bed and performance. Some of the foods are watermelon, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate and others.

1. Watermelon calms down your blood veins. It produces Nitric Oxide that plays a big role in your intimate life. It enhance your emotions and gives you a powerful stamina.

(Photo| Watermelon)

2. Green Vegetables like Spinach and Cabbage are rich in minerals and vitamins. Vitamin E improves your energy level and releases hormones during intimacy.

3. Pumpkin Seeds contains zinc and omega-3 fatty acids and it helps to excite intimacy hormones level.

(Photo| Pumpkin Seeds)

4. Dark Chocolate enhance your emotions and helps you to overcome anxiety. Boosts the flexibility of blood veins.

(Photo| Dark Chocolate)

5. Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C and increase sperm quality.

6. Banana is rich in potassium that improves blood flow. Also it enhances energy, it increases testosterone levels.

7. Nuts are rich in Vitamin B3 that boosts energy and sperm condition. Roast them and use before doing the act.

8. Avocados have Vitamin B6, folic acid and heart-healthy fats that gives you more strength.

(Photo| Avocados)

All of this natural foods, relaxes and dilates blood vessels. High energy and more blood flow combined with relaxation, will make you last longer and stronger.

Source: Google

Content created and supplied by: MimiNaWewe (via Opera News )

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