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How To Find Out What You Are Good At

Knowing what you are good at can drive many things in your life, from your career to your interests and hobbies.

1. Try lots of things – and volunteer! 

Try alot of things inorder to maximize the number of things you are good at. Try a mix of creative activities like building things, making arts and writing what makes you fancy.

2. Give the things you try enough time.

Realizing what you are good at comes from sticking at it for a period of time. No one is perfect at everything the first time they try it.

3. Ask your loved ones what they think you’re good at.

If you’re finding it hard to work out what you’re good at, ask around! There’s no shame in asking your loved ones what they think some of your best characteristics are. They might come up with things you’d never consider, or things you’ve forgotten you enjoyed or succeeded in.4. Assess your work or college evaluations.

One thing you can do to find out what you are good at is to go through some old work evaluations you did earlier. If your boss or manager reviewed your performance, you can take a look at this to see what skills they’ve highlighted.

5. Take online quizzes.

Do online quizzes for this kind of thing – so have a look at what’s out there.

You will find some that ask about your career history so far, some that focus on your passions, and some that give you quick-fire answers that reveal personality traits or key strengths and weaknesses.

6. Stop overthinking it.

Do not be so keen and desperate at to find out what you are good at. Try to think about what you do on a regular basis that you enjoy. Maybe you get compliments on the cakes you bake for your colleagues, or people always comment on your dress sense.

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