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Celebrate the Success of others..

If you grew with someone who was poorer than you socially, and economically, who did not enjoy kind of privileges you had, but somehow has managed to make a step ahead of you in life, you owe the person respect or indifference at worst.

Often times, when privileged individuals are overtaken by guys who hadn't even had 10% of what privileged people have been enjoying, they start downplaying their progress. You know those guys in school who always had an E or scored a best score D in exams

I am convinced it's a major horrible human flaw.

In our contemporary world today, jealous coupled with false consciousness is now a leading trigger for depression.

Rather than people take life at their own pace, they are focusing on being ahead of specific people. They do what will make them appear better than so and so.

This life is not all about what we couldn't do so far. It is all about what we still can. While unnecessary competition in life is too destructive, contentment is rewarding.

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