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Akothee Shows Off Her Green Compound In Rongo

Famous Akothee never ceases to amaze people with beautiful photos of how her home compound looks like. Today she shared the view of her green, clean and beautiful compound in Rongo. She had visited her home some days ago as she had some errands to run in Kisumu.

The good thing about her is that she is very hardworking and even helps out her workers in doing some activities. She was happy with the progress she saw on her banana farm as her manager was showing her around. She even shared the secret to how she makes sure that her compound remains green.

Do you want to know how she does that, she always makes sure that every evening her workers water the compound. This helps in growth of the grass and other trees. She inspires people on the importance of having a green compound for your own good. Thank you for reading.

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Akothee Rongo


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