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These Blocks Do Not Use Cement. A Cheap Way To Build Your House

The most common way of building a house is by using block and mortar to hold the blocks together. But thanks to our daily innovators and inventers that have come up with the new technology of building a permanent house without using mortar from cement it has proven to be a successful method .

These blocks are called Makiga they are designed to interlock each other and this cancels out the need of a mortar to join the blocks together. The joint created is very strong to accommodate the blocks and in turn make a very strong wall made with very cheap means.

These blocks are made from a well designed compressor that shape the blocks to a design that they can interlock each other well. The block consist of a male and female faces for interlocking .

This method has proven to be successful and people are now switching to this method of building a house.

You can give it a try.

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Cheap Way To Makiga


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