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Stop Using Bricks And Start Using This Type Of Blocks For Construction Works (Photos).

In the modern world many people use bricks for masonry works. They use these materials daily without caring about their limitations. Using bricks to construct walls and other structures have the following disadvantages.

1. Bricks absorb alot of water thus making your building very weak.

2. They cannot be used in high seismic zones because they are less resistant to earthquakes.

3. Bricks cannot be used to construct very tall buildings i.e storey buildings going beyond 40 metres.

4. Bricks easily get broken when laying them.

In this article I will talk about new type of building material used for constructing walls. This material is known as hollow block. A hollow block as its name suggests is just a normal block which have an opening on its faces.

Hollow blocks offers the following benefits over bricks.

1. Hollow blocks are very resistant to earthquakes hence can be used in high seismic zones.

2. Construction work is faster when using hollow blocks.

3. They are very resistant to harsh weather conditions such as excessive rains.

4. They are very strong and difficult to break hence they will make your building to last longer.

5. Are relatively cheap as compared to bricks.

6. They have higher compression ability than bricks.

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