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7 Reasons Why You Are The Cause Of Your Problems (opinion)

Life has temptations and you keep on asking yourself " Why always me?" Be holy and repent your wrong doings.

Here are seven reasons why you can be the source of your issues.

1) You are the one who decides how to spend your money.

You see it, like it, want it, get it, and then you're out of money. We are assisting you in spending your money due to high inflation, but you're also doing a fine job of finishing it on your own. It's your money, so do whatever you want with it. Just keep that in mind the next time you want to argue with someone about the state of your account balance. Share whatever you have and receive blessings from God.

2) You are constantly attempting to intrude into other people's relationships.

You continually try to enter a relationship where two people are happy and vibing. Don't try to separate what God has united together. Concentrate more on your life. Always respect and honor your relationship and that of others. What you will do to your neighbor may turn to you in return. Be thankful for whatever little you have.

3) The broadcast message was not forwarded.

Someone sent you a broadcast message one day, warning you that if you don't transmit it to your contact list, you'll have terrible luck for the rest of your life. You didn't forward the message, and now you're paying the price. I don't conquer with this at all but it depends on what you asked to share. You can know the type of information you are to share whether it's life encouraging. Don't hesitate to forward love messages, Christian messages and the ones you feel are helpful.

4) Your middle name is procrastination.

You've picked procrastination as your middle name out of all the options. Due to procrastination, you are most likely not reading this post when you intended to. Improve your performance. Love yourself and be proud as always. Life is sweet when you are free and open-minded

5) You failed to provide conductor change.

Consider boarding a bus with $1,000 for a 50-minute ride. God is punishing you for your sins, which is why your life is the way it is now. Anything you do and you know very well that it's long, ask for forgiveness. There are some things that we do but we just assume that they are less and nothing will happen. Do everything with honesty, love, and faithful as you will receive blessings from God.

6) You consume semo

You willingly subjected your body to terrible torment, and for what? Your forefathers and mothers are suing you for committing such a crime. Be specific on foods you take daily and the type of meal that you always consume matters a lot to your health

7) Constantly pressing the phone from morning to night

Sit in one spot and talk on the phone from sunrise to tonight yet you still wonder why your head hurts. Because of you, your head hurts. Go for a walk, step outside, and feel the grass. If you have a partner around you and you are busy on your phone, this will also cause problems since every relationship needs commitment and time.

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