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9 Things You Will Only Experience When You Get Money.

The gap between the rich and the poor is quite wide. It is even wider when you are on the rich side. The world takes on a new face and you are placed on a pedestal, it may be pleasing sometimes but not always.

Your Opinion Will Always Count.

Once you have money people assume that you know what you're doing. They'll consult you on matters that are not even in your area of expertise. In some cases your word will even be the final say. Being called upon to speak at events becomes a common thing.

Everyone wants something from you.

Have you ever wondered most people are paranoid and stingy? It's simple, they are so used to being used that they start to suspect everyone. Everyone will want a piece of your wealth. Even strangers that barely know you will be looking for a way to get something out of you. Friends and relatives start acting like you owe them something. At this point, you're better off choosing solitude.

Everyone wants to do you a favor.

One of the perks of being wealthy is that their will always be someone at your beck and call. You will be given the best seats at events, people won't mind going back to the kitchen to cook your favorite meal after everyone else has eaten. They'll all want to be on your good side, some genuinely and others maliciously. Take advantage.

You aqcuire enemies

Money doesn't just come with friends and favors, it comes with enemies too. Powerful enemies. This because to stay wealthy, you'll have to step on people's toes. Maybe steal someone's clients or a contract. These enemity brings it's fair share of worry.

Making money is easy.

Money goes where money is, you've probably heard this before and it's true. When you have plenty of it, making more becomes quite easy. Taking risks in business no longer scares you because you aren't afraid of loses. You can afford it. Capital to invest in new ventures is easily available and getting the right connections and orpotunities becomes natural.

It is never enough.

The strange thing with money is that it can never really satisfy you. The more you get, the more you want. You learn that there are levels to wealth and that being on top is the only place you want. You might even find yourself working harder than you did when you were broke.

Everyone has a price.

You can buy everyone for a price just like you can be bought. The price isn't always money. We all have that one thing that makes us tick. Being in a position of power, opens your eyes to this fact, that their is always a way of getting anyone to do your bidding.

It's not that easy at the top.

When your financial position changes for the better, you expect life to be softer. That's not how it works though. Relaxing and enjoying the soft life will only garantee Your downfall. That's why you stay working. You are never sure of the people's true intentions. You're constantly worried about security and financial growth. You might even lose people who are unwilling to cope with your new lifestyle. They'll start nasty rumors about you and you'll have to grow a thick skin.

People are ashamed of their poverty.

You will realize just how many people will pretend to be what they are not around you. They will refuse to admit their real situation even when borrowing from you. They'll make up stories about money that they're expecting and things like that.

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