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Beneficial uses of wood ash that you should know

1. Outdoors.

Ash contains phosphorus, potassium, calcium, boron and other elements that growing plants need to be healthy and strong. Ash is very alkaline and raises pH levels in garden soil. This provides a great place for seeds to grow.

2. For your lawn.

A light sprinkle on the lawn with some watering will promote the growth of grass. Ash boosts the potassium in your plants and helps them flower.

3. For your trees.

Spread it around the base of trees. Hardwood trees such as apple appreciate the nitrogen that ash produces, as it helps to nurture the roots and the fruit. Just a small sprinkle here and there is great.

4. As a repellant.

Insects and animals hate ash so it is a fantastic and cheap, natural pesticide. To keep from bringing pests inside, you can also mix equal parts ash and water in a glass jar and let sit for a week and then spray it on your firewood.

5. For icy weather.

Ash contains salt, so melting slippery ice is not a hard. Sprinkle ashes on icy spots and they should be melted within the day without leaving salt stains on your car or clothes.

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