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9 Tips To Stop Caring About What Others Think.

1.Set goals.

Keep reminding yourself how you would like to live your life. Indulging in gossip or any other interesting activities but does not help you grow. Make your goals a priority in life. When you feel you are getting distracted, think about your goals.

2. Stop seeking approval.

You like to be noticed or you would like everyone around you to be happy with you. Meeting all these are impossible and you will end up making yourself unhappy. Forget how others see you, focus on how see yourself. Develop your own self-image

3. Get comfortable with not knowing what other people think.

How others perceive you, has nothing to do with you. How much you try, they end up making their own judgement. "This is my life, my choices, my mistakes and my lessons." Keep repeating the mantra.

4. Everyone is busy with their own lives.

"What you do with your life" is not always on their mind. Take a minute to accept that fact to your mind deeply. It's your own inner fears and insecurities that create this illusion.

5. Never bother about others opinion.

Accept that someone else's opinion is NOT your problem. The opinions other people have about you is their problem, not yours. The less you worry about what they think of you, the less complicated your life becomes.

6. Mind your own business.

Stop asking others what they think of you. Understand if the negative feedback is something to be acted upon, to correct yourself for good. Else, just ignore negative feedback comes from negative people.

7. Ask yourself, "Does what they think even matter?"

When you make big decisions, what you think of yourself is more important than what people think of you. Stay true to YOU. Never be ashamed of doing what feels right. Decide what you think is right and stick to it.

8. Speak and live your truth.

Put your concerns of what others might think aside. Be the way you want to be. If others say "You've changed," it's not a bad thing. It just means you stopped living your life their way. Be open and sincere, follow your heart.

9. Develop a positive mindset.

When someone insults or hurts you, just pause and chill. Remember that someone's opinion of you does not have to be your reality. Mind your business without allowing another to destroy your peace of mind.

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