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Why You May Die Poor

1) Comparing yourself to others.

Trying to be others will always lead to failure. You are a unique being and no one is better than you and you are not better than anyone.

2) Taking no risk.

To win big sometimes you have to take big risks.

3)Not understanding the reality of life.

Life is tough ,no one will always help you solve your problems,not the government not even your parents. Take responsibility of you life.

4)Not having a Coach or role model.

Role models are there to inspire , motivate and encourage us towards our goals in life.

5) Not trying to solve problems.

Don't just give directions get into action.

6) Not reading good books.

Remember knowledge is power.

7)Not taking action.

Dreams are sweet but actions are bitter,get out and get crazy , you will never regret the tough times of today .Be positive minded

8) 2 is better than 1.

Learn to always partnership with others.No man is an island. Success is about team work.

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