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Does Setting Smart Goals Really Help You Succeed?

It helps you build a roadmap of your life — and that’s much bigger than success itself.

Why is a roadmap such a big deal?

You don’t think about these things when you’re young. I certainly didn’t. To be fair, when you’re a child you start life with a clean slate — you’re just starting to learn and practice life-important skills. Then as you grow into adulthood you take the time to think what you want to do. You start asking questions like, What matters to you? What would you consider to be a successful life? How would you feel if you accomplished goal ? All of these is not futile questioning. It is an exercise, is self-discovery and also self-discipline, because setting goals will help you instill positive habits to practice every day — and that can definitely lead to success.

There are many positive aspects to goal-setting, some of which include:

1.A sense of purpose. You are more in tune with the big picture of your life, not just what is happening to you today.

2.A great way to learn more about yourself. You identify your top priorities, you practice strategy-building and problem-solving skills.

3.A way to stay focused. You make decisions on what really matters to your personal development, your beliefs, and your values.

4.An opportunity to grow as a human being. It’s not just what you’re practicing this month, but where you see yourself ten years from now.

5.Think about what you really want for yourself.

This is where being honest with yourself will really pay off. Instead of considering goals that friends, family members, or partners have set for themselves, ask yourself the questions to define goals that YOU want.

6.Make your goals specific instead of vague.

Don’t think about your goals as abstract ideas that just sound good. If you do, your brain won’t know what to focus on.

7.Train your brain to understand why these goals are important.

Don’t underestimate how critical your brain — and your mindset — are to the entire goal-setting exercise. If you get your brain on board, it will be much easier to go from step to step.

8.Make each goal actionable.

An actionable goal is one that you can work on consistently, instead of just thinking about it from time to time. Set aside an hour or two this week to do the following.

*Select your top 3 personal goals. 

*Under each goal, write down 3 things you need to do on a consistent basis.

*Create a schedule for the week ahead. 

9.Hold yourself accountable for everything you do.

After following your new goal schedule for one week, make an assessment of the progress you made. Think about the following questions and be honest in answering them.

*Did some activities take more time than you anticipated? 

*What was easy? 

*What could you have done better? 

*How can you improve the following week? 

*How will you measure your success? 

Now back to the roadmap. Let’s say you’re starting at the beginning. How do you set goals that will ensure success? Leave your choice or views on the comment section without forgetting to like, follow and like my article.

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