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Inside the 54 Million Mansion in Kenya

This amazing building is located in Kenya. when you see it for the first time you won't believe if it's really here, because of how it's built and how it's made. It will really amaze you with the art and architectural view both in and out.

The house has washrooms that will definitely amaze you because it does not touch the ground and the water basin are inbuilt in the wall. what most of the people like about this house is the large space and how you can expand whichever way you like. In addition, all of this house has a double door just in case you want to move big things or carry furniture you can open both doors. Its drawers are superbly designed in Germany.

We all like safety and during this hard time of the pandemic, sanitizers are far much important, then the designers made this possible with sanitizers in every corner of the house. There is also a fireplace near the sitting room for warmth and a splitter sitting room just to add space, not forgetting the superb lighting all over the space to leave the rooms well ventilated and clearly seen, wooden tiles that match with the walls plus huge windows and a ten chair dining room makes things extra excellent in the house and the person who will own it. The bedroom of this house is something else, with sliding doors not forgetting the spectacular storage space.

The kitchen is marvelous with cutleries and Germany imported product makes the kitchen cool and spacious. The microwave is inbuilt and the fridge has two doors, kitchen and the laundry of the house can be accessed through the backyard that allows you not to be disturbed in the main door. That then brings us to the developer's goal which is to create larger space and comfortability in the house. what makes this place unique is that you could be having a police station nearby for full security and also a jogging track between your two walls in the fence.

The decoration was done by a Kenyan and the architecture designed by a UK-based citizen. carpets are the order of the day in the whole house with a backyard like nothing before. Are you impressed by this house and really wonder if it exists in Kenya? leave a comment down here and follow the page for more amazing content.

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