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Things We Use Every day But We Do Not Know Their Actual Meaning

There are things that we see and use every day but we don't know their meaning. Today I am going to teach you some things that we see every time and how to use them.

The strap on the shoulder of your jackets and shirts.

Many people view this strap as an extra design added to the jacket and shirt because they are very trendy. Well, that is not the case. The strap is to hold your bag and prevent it from falling when you hang it on your shoulders.

Underwear pockets

Many ladies see the underwear pockets but they don't know why they are placed there. The underwear pocket is mostly made of pure cotton to improve ventilation and reduce bacteria growth.

Silica Gel

When you buy a new handbag or shoes you mostly find silica gel. This product is placed inside your shoes or handbag to keep them dry and away from moisture.

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Silica Gel


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