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Don't Buy Expensive Seats For Your Gazebo, Here Is The Cheap Method You Can Use To Make The Seats.

Most of the people like buying readymade seats to put in their gazebo not knowing that they can make their own seats using locally available waste materials like drums and plastic buckets.

This article discusses how you can use the two waste materials, metal drums and plastic buckets to make high quality seats to put in your gazebo.

A gazebo is a freestanding, open structure, sometimes hexagonal or octagonal in shape, with a roof. Depending on the region one comes from, a gazebo maybe called rotunda or pergola. They provide a shade, a place to rest and a shelter from sunshine and rain. Gazebo also act as ornamental feature in the backyard, gardens and parks.

Below is the procedure of how to make better seats for your gazebo using waste metal drums and plastic buckets.

1. Collect the drums, plastic buckets and necessary cutting and drilling tools together.

2. Cut the metal drums and plastic buckets using hacksaw into shapes that resemble a chair or sofa set.

3. Smoothen the cut out edges using a sharpening file to prevent them causing injuries to the user.

4. Fix cushions on the seats using either glue or any other mounting agent.

5. Paint the external layer of your seats to make them lavish. Painting also prevents rusting of the metal drums.

6. Allow the paint to dry under the shade for some few hours.

7. After the paint has dried, you can now do arrangement of the seats in your gazebo.

Content created and supplied by: @Onyango (via Opera News )


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