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6 Tricks That Will Save You When Trouble Strikes

Finding drinking water in the wild

Collecting dew is among the safest and easiest ways to get water in the wild. All you need to do is to find an area where there will be enough dew like a field and the best time for collection is in the morning. Wipe up the dew with an absorbent material like a cotton towel or a T-shirt wring it out into a container. When you do this, you can collect a decent amount of drinking water very quickly.

When your pan is on fire

In this case, you should never pour water on the fire because the water hitting the hot grease or even oil will create an explosion which could cause burns. The right thing to do is to cover it, preferably with a lid. Be very careful, don’t move the pan, and let it cool down.

Building a fire on a windy day

Although thia method may seem rather challenging, but with these steps, you can build a sustainable fire. You should find a place that is out of the wind, rain, or snow. Then search the local area for dead dry plant materials to act as tinder, kindling, and firewood for your fire. The next thing to do is make a fist-sized mound of your tinder materials. Place your skinniest dead twigs over it. Build a cone-shaped structure with these materials, and then add sticks that are about a finger in diameter. Finally, just light it up using oily paper on the side that the wind is coming from.

If your car suddenly breaks down

The first thing to do is to check to see if you have call reception and call a tow service because they’ll come to you and take both you and your car to the nearest town where you can get it repaired. If not, be prepared to spend a night in your car, close your doors and roll up your windows, so that the warmth stays inside. Amd then wait until the morning to attract other drivers’ attention. You should stay close to the road the whole time. In the morning, if you know where you are, try to walk to the nearest town or gas station to get help.

Getting rid of a stain on your clothes

You can simply remove any stain from your clothes by soaking the stain with water immediately then apply an absorbent like salt, baking soda, talcum powder, or cornstarch on the stain. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then remove and rinse.

If you forgot a fishing rod

You can create a trap out of a plastic bottle by simply cutting the top off a big plastic bottle and tie a line on the bottle so that you can be sure it won’t sink. Place the funnel part upside down in the cylindrical part, place bait and stones in the bottle to sink it. Drop the bottle in the water so that it will lay flat on the bottom. After few hours, pull the bottle up and see if any fish are trapped inside.

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