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Leave There Immediately If You Come Across This In A Hotel Room Or In A Public Toilet

People today are prepared to take advantage of you at every opportunity, and you never know when you can be the victim of their next evil scheme. In the end, the best thing we can do to prevent our loved ones, family, and friends from being unfairly used is to stay informed and expose scams like these.

The coat hook resembles a typical clothes hook, but due to the double sided tape mounting, which can support low weights, it can also be used to hang lightweight clothing.

In public restrooms for women, there are coat hooks that appear to be ordinary but are actually much more menacing. Although these hooks appear to be harmless, they are not. In these hooks, there are secret cameras. Normally, we don't give the hooks on the back of doors a second thought if we don't have anything to hang up.

The "spy" hooks, which are also easily purchased in the UK, appear to be harmless enough but actually house tiny secret cameras that record through a tiny hole in the top of the plastic. You should leave and notify the police if you notice a hook like this in a public restroom, hotel, changing room, etc. The little hole at the top of these hooks is the main thing to watch out for. The camera is there.

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Women in particular have been secretly recorded while showering or getting dressed. The fact that these spy camera hooks are available to and simple for thieves to purchase just adds to the scary picture. You should examine these innocent-looking wall hooks. Take note of the two hooks. These coat hooks are not often the norm.

If you see one of these hooks in a public area, make sure to leave right away and call the police.

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