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No Expensive Mabati Again, See The New And Cheap Method To Do Your Roofing(PHOTOS).

Iron sheets commonly known as Mabati have been used continuously in roofing as it is deemed as the Cheapest and readily available roofing material. However,use of mabati in roofing is expensive especially modern mabatis. This has been caused by increased price on iron sheets.

A new method for roofing that involves the use of old plastics have been found to be effective though it is yet to be embraced by many people.

This method utilizes recycled old plastic Bottles. In this method,the old plastic bottles are collected and connected end to end over the formwork over the roof.

An adhesive is used to tightly hold the bottles to prevent leakage during raining.The method is very cheap as it only utilizes recycled bottles that can be collected or purchased cheaply.

This method works very perfectly for personal houses that are small in size. However,for commercial buildings that are large in size,this method may prove to be difficult as collecting the many bottles required may take time.

The plastic bottles can also be recycled in factories without using them directly to make plastic roofing material.

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