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Easy way of making home based blocks

Lately families who wish to build their dream house choose to make blocks from home which becomes cheap and labour saving. Looking around within the parts of the country families are opting to employ workers who have the knowledge and the skills of making blocks to mould a good number for their building purposes.

It is cheap to make your own blocks from home since it saves you on time, transportation cost, money wise you save a few coins. Apart from saving you time and space headache all you need to do is to source construction materials the aggregates, binder, and a water well or generally a water point for the moisture content of the materials to be used. Cement is sourced from the nearest hardware.

You do not need to have a mixer for the mixing, a spade , wheelbarrow and the mould will do it for you. The end results is a well done block which are frequently cured until they achieve the desired strength.

It is a cheap way of making blocks. Families are recommended to use the same to save th on spending lumpsum on buying the precast blocks at the construction companies. The money saved can be used to biy something else as you begin building your house.

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