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Tony Gachoka to Ruto: man up and Face me

Point blank show host Tony Gachoka challenged Deputy President William Ruto to join him in a two-hour sit-down.

Gachoka mentioned that Ruto should push the fear aside, walk out of his disguise, and join him in a two-hour live show.

Before his show was brought to a stop, Gachoka had been accused of not inviting leaders who happen to link to the Deputy President.

The show host dispensed a scathing attack to DP Ruto in response to Ruto's utterance that a section of the leaders should avoid targetting his allies and approach him directly.

"I have no apologies to make to anybody. And I want to tell those public officers using those offices that soon and very soon we will call them out. They must stop the nonsense they are engaged in making telephone calls to leaders blackmailing people left right and center. If they are men enough let them come forward and face me. Let them not hide behind shadows and telephone calls,” Ruto stated.

Gachoka took to Twitter where he divulged that he had never been afraid of Ruto.

"DP William Ruto following your challenge, Tony Gachoka, I am man enough to face you any day. You're a corrupt, dishonest & vindictive man who has amassed a fortune by looting State Resources. Your history of bloodletting in Kenya is known, so take it from me, my Friend, I don't fear you!"

As stated above, Ruto's sentiments in Meru mirrored the one he made in Nakuru during the burial of Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei. In here, Ruto uttered that the DCI should veer off the political lane and focus on their work as police officers.

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