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Talking to Yourself Is Healthy but Here’s When You Should Be Concerned About It

Talking to oneself is completely within the norm, and it can be very beneficial, you might be doing it when doing a mundane task or probably when you have forgotten where you left your keys, the reasons why we talk to ourselves are many, but it often occurs when we are experiencing deepened emotions, when nervous and when we are overly excited.

The benefit of talking to yourself

Research has proven you it is human behavior, and we are accustomed to having self-talk in our own mind or even out loud or orally at times. Expressing our thoughts out loud helps us to be more aware of what is taking place in our mind, helping us to be more conscious of our mind's ramblings.

Something to keep in mind is that the language you are using on yourself matters a lot, something like “you got this’’ is more effective when trying to perform better on a task that is making you nervous, which in turn raises our self-esteem.

When should talking to oneself be a concern

If you do have little chats with yourself it shouldn’t be your worry cos it is helping you to be more alert and processing your feelings but for people who suffer from certain mental disorders such as schizophrenia, this disorder makes one have their own self-dialogues with the voices in their own heads.

However, if you always find yourself having repetitive self-talks involving mantras, phrases, or even repetitive numbers which in turn are being disruptive and very hard to stop can mean you are having an emotional issue that is worth checking into.

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