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Three Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Buy a Second Hand Phone Along the Streets

I'll tell you three main reasons why you should always try to avoid purchasing second hand phones, and even tablets and laptops, at all cost, especially from strangers you meet along the streets and roads. Please share this widely, it could save someone.

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1. The Phone Might have been Stolen

Okay, the phone being stolen is not even a major problem. However, the phone having a tracker could be the main issue. And you who is purchasing the phone would have no idea what the owner of the phone is capable of. Because if the owners can afford to pay the DCI then you'll be in big trouble. If you are tracked down with the phone, you'll be liable for punishments equal to the original thief.

2. The Owner of the Phone Could be in Trouble

The second and probably the most serious reason why you should always try to avoid buying second hand phones from strangers is that the owner of the phone might have been kidnapped, disappeared, is a fugitive or might have been killed. If they are in the first two categories then you'll be forced to explain their whereabouts, even if you totally have no idea. If they are in the third category, you still will have to help the police with more information, even if you have none.If they are in the last category, you'll be doomed, because definitely you'll be the first suspect.

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3. The Phone could be faulty

This is also a very important point to note. When purchasing not only a phone but also anything second hand, make sure it is in good condition, or else you'll cry later. If possible, have it tested by the seller before you pay for it. I'd also suggest you agree on a warranty period if possible.

Also important is, you should always demand for receipts for items you bought so that you are secured from any malice behind acquiring it. Don't forget to share this widely

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