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Pour Kerosene-water Mixture Within Your Compound and Enjoy The Following Benefits

Kerosene is best known for its use as a cooking fuel in kerosene burners. But kerosene has a variety of uses that many of us are unaware of. I'm going to show you how to utilize kerosene to perform another miracle.

Consider following each step precisely.


While using this mixture, take caution that kerosene is dangerous. It is highly flammable and can be poisonous upon coming into contact with food.

1st, obtain an empty bottle and make sure the bottle is spotlessly clean.

Fill the bottle with around eight spoons of salt.

Take around 50dl of kerosene and 25dl of water and mix them.

Add a 100g detergent (any kind would do) to the mix.

Make a spray on the top of the bottle and squirt the mixture all over your homestead.

Make sure you apply it to any dark areas, such as corners of the home and flower beds.

It's also a good idea to pound on the lower level of your house's wall from the outside, rather than the entire wall.

The advantages of the poured combination

Many creatures that are often hazardous to humans are resisted by kerosene. Kerosene kills any snake it comes into touch with because it enters the body system through the scales, interfering with the snake's DNA and eventually killing it.

This mystical concoction also kills wall geckos, which can be quite dangerous to humans if they come into contact with them. Did you know that the geckos you see on your walls can poison any form of food they come into touch with it, resulting in death? This is because gecko skin contains a highly dangerous chemical.

The mixture will help keep all kinds of insects out of your house and compound.

Mosquitoes, lizards, bed bugs, ants, and other tenacious insects are all repelled and killed by the magic of the above mixture.

Bedbugs elimination

Bed bugs are known to be notorious parasites that are hard to eliminate. Human beings have lived with them for many years. In some households, people have given up on fighting bedbugs after their efforts prove futile.


If you are using the mixture above to eliminate bedbugs, only spray at the edges of the furniture in small quantities. Bedbugs' eggs take about ten days to hutch. Therefore, spray at intervals of ten days and within a month, bedbugs will be disappearing from your homestead.

If you have any questions, write them in the comments section and I'll be replying them as fast as possible. Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: Ndunguri (via Opera News )

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