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What you should do when you are broke

How to stay positive when you are broke

At some point in life we all loose our financial freedom. In short we loose most of our cash, we go bankrupt, we feel like we want to give up in life. Am here today to tell you that giving up is not an option. There are several things you should do when you are at the virge of poverty. There are also several things you should not do when you are broke. Today am going to highlight the things to do and not to do.

Number one when you are broke, you should relax, pay attention to your health so that you don't get sick out of dipressin and stress. "STAY OUT OF STRESS"

Don't isolate yourself from people, stay around your friends and family, people who know you well and can make you feel better and make you forget that your pockets are empty.

Number three think of ways you can make money, but don't overthink, look for a stable job and if you you don't find one then think of a business you can start without a lot of cash. Check my previous articles "BUSINESSES YOU CAN START WITH LITTLE MONEY AND MAKE MILLIONS OUT OF IT"

Lastly always stay positive even when the world gives you a thousand reasons to Cy and give up.


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