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How to utilize a 6kg cooking gas canister for several months before needing to replenish it

The fundamental principle of cooking with cooking gas is to generate heat for cooking by feeding gas into the burner or burners as fuel.

Following its passage through the burner, it will draw air in with the fuel (gas). The gas is burned to generate heat for cooking any type of food.

People frequently refill their gas cylinders after exhausting them in a short period of time. The following straightforward logic can be applied to a 6kg gas cylinder, as well as numerous others:

1) Light your burner with a lighter or matches.

2) Reduce the burner's temperature to the lowest setting.

Note that: The faster the burner burns, the more gas is wasted.

Once the water reaches the boiling point, your food will almost certainly be ready in no time.

That is straightforward logic. It is tried and true. When I was in service year, I used this method and it worked perfectly because my 6kg Cylinder worked perfectly despite cooking at least twice a day.

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