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Don't Use Expensive Steel For Roof Slab, See The Cheap Method To Use That Gives Beautiful Result.

Plastered ceilings are normally reinforced by steel in most houses. However,steel are very expensive to purchase. In most coastal towns,there is high rate of corrosion of steel caused by rusting. Rusting of steel is very faster in coastal regions due to humid atmosphere and salty environment.

A method to build roof slabs that is cheap and limits the usage of steel to lintel formwork has been found to be very effective. The method uses strong mangrove poles in place of common steel.

The strong poles are spread just like steel over the surface for the slabbing before wiremesh can be spread over the surface and tied to the poles. Mortar is then spread after trapping bags have been spread over the surface to prevent mortar from falling.

The resulting slab creates a very beautiful ceiling with nature's aesthetic values of wood. This method is very cheap as compared to using steel that are very expensive to purchase.

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