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A Great Insightful Read; the Unfair Advantage

This is the tittle of a book I read by Ash Ali and Hasan Kubba which investigates how each one of us has an advantage over the other. This is called the unfair advantage which simply means that life is not a leveled playing field, everyone has a particular advantage that is unique to them which puts them one step ahead of the other. The bright side of this is that everyone has their own unique advantage. It may be money, talent, their education or even location.

As Ali Abdaal puts it success is equal to unfair advantages plus fair advantages. The fair advantages include things that anyone can replicate easily if they put work into it or if they wanted to. These advantages include daily commitment to working out to burn those extra calories or burning the midnight candle in order to pass your exams. Anyone can do this with ease, On the other hand we have the unfair advantages this include the right timing, being in the right location, easy access to the internet or being financially stable. Let us say you are born into a wealthy family and from the day you were born your parents opened a bank account for you and started depositing money in there. You would be rich before you were even given access to the account, then that’s your unfair advantages. Another example is being highly intelligent. Some advantages one is born with, while luck as an unfair advantage can be magnified by exposure, this can be done by putting yourself out there to meet more people, going to more social or economic events, blogging to market yourself and finally producing and publishing things.

But one is that it all weakened to at least one having the right mindset. I once listened to a podcast that said being optimistic about everything increases your luck in life and reduces the onset of heart prone diseases. As Ash and Hasan say in their book, it is not about focusing on the flop sides of life it's about knowing the realities and leveraging the unfair advantages that we do have should help us live a better life. The images are [courtesy of google]

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