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"No More Bed Noise At Night" Fundi From Nyeri Builds A Bed Using Stones And Cement

A man from Nyeri has left locals amused after he built a beautiful bed using stones and cement.

The man went ahead to request people to embrace the bed and hire him to make such beds for them.

The fundi also praised his new invention where he said that the bed is durable and favourable for people who lives in their permanent residence. He added that the bed does not make any noise therefore couples have nothing to worry them during the night while having their good times together.

However, the man has revealed that most people are not embracing the bed with claims that the look like a Cemetery. This is making most of them fear to sleep on the bed.

He also added that he is having a hard time to convince locals to accept the new beds but some are slowly accepting this invention and several have made orders.

Do you embrace this type of beds? Share with us at the comment section.

Content created and supplied by: Stan_Ka_Wambu (via Opera News )



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