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4 Best Ways Of Living with Positivity

To improve your approach in life, you must ensure every aspect of your behavior is positive.Examine and if necessary change your thoughts, your beliefs and your view of yourself.

Following are the ways to leave with positivity;

1.Challenging your thoughts

The key to real success in positive thinking is to find as many ways as possible in which to challenge the validity of your negative thoughts, and then to replace them with others that are more positive and realistic

2. Rethinking your thoughts

To turn negative thoughts into positive ones, you have to realize that they are distortions of reality.Nothing is ever all bad;it is only your defensive thinking that makes it seem so.So get into the habit of analysing your thoughts to see where you have misinterpreted things and the report where negativity are misplaced.

Rebalancing thoughts like this,creates a shift of emotion and starts you thinking differently long- term and so has a deep-rooted effect on your approach to life.

3.Checking the facts

As soon as you become aware of a negative thought, challenge it's validity.It may be that observations were wrong or you misunderstood what really happened. So , question events.Check information with an objective source. For example, was your colleague correct to predict redundancies,or was he/she dramatizing?A proplem you thought, you saw may well turn out to be non-existent.

4. Being realistic

It is natural to want to be perfect,but aiming for perfections inevitably leads to negative feelings simply because-in work,in play, friendship and love- perfection just is not possible most of the time.So challenge your perfectionist thoughts.Be realistic in what you expect of yourself of other people and of the world

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