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Best Quality Window Glasses That Can Provide A Perfect Finish For Your Home.

1.Reflective glasses.

These glasses are also known as One-way.They have a silver appearance from outside that reflects light.The inner part is tinted such that it allows you to observe what is happening outside.The outer part prevents people from seeing you inside.These glasses can have the inner part having different colours such as blue,grey,green,gold and bronze.

2.Patterned Glasses.

This glasses are mainly used for the doors and bathroom windows.Most of them are partially opaque because they can allow you to take a glimpse of what is outside.These glasses are convenient because they do not require curtain rods installation.They are also quite cheap interms of purchase and installation.

3.Obscure Glasses.

These glasses are completely opaque and they are mostly used for toilet windows.They are available in different colours such as;blue,green, yellow and white.They can also be used for aluminium doors during office partitions.These glasses can also be installed in church windows .

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