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Colorful Living Room Design Ideas

Color brings a brighter look to the entire living room and it keeps giving the correct amount of light during the day.

People feel more comfortable , happy and more calm in a colorful environment.

Below are designs you need to try


Spice things up by bringing a touch of pink color to the door and windows, also some colored throw pillows. It's a great way to grab people's attention and create an unforgettable space.

You can also add a printed carpet and colored furniture's


You can try combining a few different colors together (color blocking) of your choice to bring out a great interior design

These bright, citrus colors are fun and playful, yet the color blocking technique led to a taste of sophistication.


This look is bold at the same time its colorful .This is suitable for home owners who like cool colors trying to avoid bright colors.


If you want a eye-catching, and adventurous look go for this design with the neon pink walls .The sky blue tones and traditional furniture makes it more transitional ,unique and more welcoming.


You can bring color by adding colored wall paintings in your living room .The pieces here blend well with the pink tones .

Other designs below:`

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living room color palette ideas

living room color palette ideas

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