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How Can I Make An Egg Incubator At Home Using A Box Or A Bottle

An egg incubator can be so expensive making it so hard for the small farmers to be able to buy an egg incubator.

Many years ago I saw an article on how one can start a chicken company by making an egg incubator at home using a box or a bottle. Today in this article am going to inform you how you can make an egg incubator at home using a box and also a bottle.

The following are the things that you will need to make an egg incubator.

1) A box or a bottle.

2) A 25 bulb walts

3) Bulb holder and a wire.

4) Old clothes

5) A thermometer.


Step 1) Take your box and make a hole then fix a bulb holder that is already connected with the wire.

Step 2) Just put the sawdust in the box.

Step 3) You can now place your eggs carefully on the sawdust.

Step 4) Place the water with a basin in the box and you can place the thermometer so that you will be able to monitor the temperature in your new incubator.

Step 5) If you see it necessary you can fix a motor at this point.

Step 6) You can now fix the bulb and put it on.

Always ensure that whenever you touch the eggs touch them with clean and dry hands.

I wish you all the best as you start making your egg incubator.

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