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How To Make An Egg Incubator At Home Using A Box Or A Bottle

Many farmers opt to buy chicks instead of buying an egg incubator because of how expensive the egg incubator can be.

Many years ago I came across an article on how to make an egg incubator using a bottle or an egg incubator.

Today I will be going to inform you on how you can be able to make an egg incubator using a bottle or a box.

The following are the things you will need to make the egg incubator.

1) A box or a bottle.

2) 25 Walt bulb.

3) Water with a basin.

4) A thermometer.


Step 1) Make a whole on the bottle or the box and fix the bulb holder that is already connected with the wire.

Step 2) Put saw dust in the box or bottle.

Step 3) Carefully place the eggs on the sawdust. Ensure that your hands are clean and dry when handling the eggs.

Step 4) Place water with the basin in the box or bottle and from time to time you will be checking the temperature in the new egg incubator to check your temperature.

Step 5) If you see it necessary you can place a motor in the bottle or box.

Step 6) Switch on the light and start a 21 day journey of hatching eggs.

I wish you success in your business.

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