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Requirements When Designing A 2 Or A 3 Bedroom

Most people want the best designs for their houses.The following are major requirements for the best designs:

1. Foundation measurements;

a good house plan must have foundation measurements that can support the house safely to enhance it's construction. To come up with proper measurements you need a qualified contractor who will do appopriate measurements without errors.

2. Floor planning;

This is the most important. If you are buying a house plan in Kenya without floor plan measurements then there is no need of buying.This is because it may lead to purchasing a poor plan or rather buying plan full of errors.

3. Roof measurements;

You House Design should have roofing details. This will enable you to plan for the cost of roofing in advance. One may also consider different types of roofing styles depending on the amount of money he or she has.

4. Window and Door sizing;

This is not a requisite but should ideally be there. It should be done by a qualified contractor in order for the door and window sizing to be accurate.

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