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In Indonesia Families Dig Up Their Loved Ones Every 3 Years In August To Spend Quality Time Together

It has come to our attention that there are some "weird" cultures that are practised in the world up to date. In Indonesia;a country in the mainland Southeast Asia ,located off the coast of mainland Southeast Asia in the Indian and Pacific oceans. Some villagers in the country do practice a culture of digging up dead bodies of family members in the month of August to spend some quality time together.

The festival is known as ma'nene festival. The "Manene" ritual is carried out by the Torajan people, either before or after the August harvest, when deceased family members are unearthed and their graves cleaned. "Sometimes we even have a conversation with them, asking them to wish us health, prosperity and wealth," a person , whose family carried out the tradition , told the journalists. They do dig up their mummified relatives every three years, clean them and dress them in their favourite clothes to honour their spirits.

The death of a relative involves many intricate ceremonial steps for the Torajan people, who number about a million. The deceased are mummified through an embalming process that used to involve sour vinegar and tea leaves. These days though families usually inject a formaldehyde solution into the corpse.After many months, the souls of the dead are freed and immortality assured with an elaborate multi-day funeral ceremony called Rambu Solo.

Indeed it's a unique culture which has left many people worried of them. What's your opinion over this, is it a good culture to be practiced? Kindly give your opinion in the comments section.

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