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'Ogopa Kanairo' A Woman Steals Sh 130,000 From a Man After She Spiked His Drink

Money is proving to be a rare commodity in the modern day society. Comparing with how things were some years back, the cost of living was relatively low and although money was relatively scarce, it was easily achievable.

But nowadays, earning some hundreds or thousands is not easy. And when you eventually succeed to earn some amount, it is cheaply finished with a purchase of very little items. It is not a surprise than with a 1,000 note, you cannot fill a plastic bag with shopping items for basic home usage. However in the older days, one thousand was enough to purchase items which can last you close to one month.

With the limited cash available nowadays and with the close to no chance of getting any meaningful amount of money, one has to wisely spend the little they earn.

A hard-working man decided to take one for the road and give thanks to his body. He visited a city club and ordered some drinks. It is while there that a unanimous lady joined him and being the gentleman he is, he welcomed her and shared drinks freely with the lady.

After several takes, the man passed out and he was surprised when he woke up in a unfamiliar room. He was all alone and when he tried to check for his cash, he realised that sh 130,000 were missing.

It is then that he regained his senses and realized that thea unanimous lady had spiked his Drink.

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Ogopa Kanairo'


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