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5 Things You Must Do If You Want Your Cooking Gas To Last Longer

Get everything ready before cooking

How many times do you light your cooker before getting the ingredients ready? Countless, huh? Adopt the habit of preparing everything you need and putting all the materials next to you to avoid leaving the burner on as you get the ingredients ready.

Check for potential leaks

Pay close attention to strange smells or faint hissing sounds originating from around your stove. These symptoms could indicate a leak. If your stove has a faulty gas line, you’ll be losing gas even when you’re not cooking.

Match your pot to the right burner

There is a reason why some gas cookers have multiple burners with different sizes. If you’re cooking using a big pot, use the big burner and if it is a small pot, use the smallest burner. This way, the amount of gas burn will be equal to the size of the burner. Using small pots on a big burner will only be a waste of cooking gas.

Soak Your Foods

Where certain grains, black rice, lentils and legumes, and dals are concerned – you can soak your foods before cooking them. Soaking unlocks the nutrition stored in those foods and also speeds up the cooking process by taking less time to cook.

Use lids when cooking

Placing your lid on the pot while cooking prevents more steam escaping from the cooling contents and makes your food cook more faster.

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